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Alfie Evans case study against Socialism in the United States, Do we want Great Britain style healthcare?

Alfie Evans

Alfie Evans is the case study against Socialism in the United States. Do we want Great Britain style healthcare? Alfie Evans is the son of Tom Evans and Kate James, from Bootle in Merseyside England.

He was first admitted to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool in December 2016 after suffering seizures and has been a patient in the hospital ever since.

Doctors diagnosed a degenerative neurological condition which they have not been able to identify definitively.

Alfie’s parents and the hospital have clashed over what should happen to Alfie, who has been in a semi-vegetative state for more than a year.

He was taken off life support Monday against the objection of his parents. This is what happens with Socialized health care. The state decided the fate of Tom Evans and Kate James child.

The Evans want to take him to Italy where alternative treatment is available and they are being denied. The hospital is under armed guard to prevent them from taking their child and exploring every option to give him better treatment.

A court of appeals is waiting to hear the case and make a decision, meanwhile Alfie clings to life.

Paul Diamond, acting for Mr Evans, told judges he had spoken to his client before the hearing, who had told him to “save my boy”.

“He would leave no stone unturned… He is clutching at straws,” he said.

Mr Diamond argued that there had been a “significant change of circumstances” because Alfie was still breathing after life support treatment stopped on Monday evening.

He said an “alternative” was available, and a military air ambulance was on standby “at the request of the Pope”.

“We submit there is a likelihood of Alfie having some pleasure in life,” Mr Diamond said.

But appeal judge Lady Justice King disagreed.

She said evidence showed that, while Alfie was unlikely to feel pain, “tragically everything that would allow him to have some appreciation of life, or even the mere touch of his mother, has been destroyed irrevocably”

Bernie Sanders and other American Socialist have pushed for state run Universal Healthcare for years. Let Alfie Evans be defense exhibit A against these Socialist prevailing.

If this were your child would you do everything that you can do to get additional care. What if Alfie were your child and you had to appeal to the liberal 9th circuit court? Do you want the same people deciding on your child’s health that run the US education system? What about HUD? What about Homeland security? The US federal government is riddled with epic failures do you want them deciding on your child’s health.

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