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Alan Dershowitz taking heat for Defending Trump; “I’m not a defender of Donald Trump, I’m a defender of due process and civil liberties”

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Famed Harvard Law professor and civil libertarian is taking heat for defending Trump. Dershowitz says “I’m not a defender of Donald Trump, I’m a defender of due process and civil liberties.

Dershowitz wouldn’t say whether he had been asked to join the Presidents legal team, adding as a Democrat his only concern was whether Trump’s civil liberties and due process rights were being infringed by special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

“I do not want to be his lawyer, I don’t want to give him legal advice,” Dershowitz said during an interview on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”


Liberals are furious with Dershowitz, who dined at the White House on Tuesday as part of a prearranged meeting to discuss Middle East politics, described Trump as “pretty upbeat” during their conversation. Dershowitz has said his liberal friends have stopped inviting him for dinner, because he appears to be defending Trump they assume he is a Trump supporter.

“At the dinner they basically threw me out when they wanted to talk about confidences,” he continued. “I am not a supporter, I am not a defender of Donald Trump the person, I’m a defender of civil liberties and basic due process.”

But Dershowitz recommended Trump’s legal counsel focus on the state case against Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen in New York rather than Mueller’s federal investigation.

“He’s much more vulnerable on what he did before he was president than what he’s done as president because what he’s done as president has constitutional protection, the other does not,” Dershowitz said.

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