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Silicon Valley residents are fleeing in record numbers for Texas, Nevada and Idaho

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Silicon Valley residents are fleeing in record numbers for Texas, Nevada and Idaho. They are in search of affordable housing. Santa Clara county median home price is 1.28 million dollars. Some residents are looking in Alameda, Sacramento, San Joaquin or Placer counties where homes are a little more reasonable still in the $509,000- $894,000 range.

The Bay has always been a costly place to live but a tight housing market along with an economic boom in the tech industry has area pushed rents and real estate even further out of reach for all but the most affluent residents. Low- and middle-income families and younger workers unable to find apartments or houses they can afford have been forced further afield, a trend that has led to ultra-long commutes and perennially clogged freeways.

While workers have flocked to the Bay Area for high-paying jobs, a recent report from the Joint Venture Silicon Valley think tank found that nearly as many people are leaving as are coming in.

If millennials and others continue to leave the Bay Area in search of affordable homes, Hale said, “It could eventually lead to the slowing of the frenzied pace of the housing market.”

The top out-of-state destinations for the South Bay exodus are the areas in and around Phoenix, Arizona; Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada; Austin, Texas; and Boise, Idaho — where homes are $750,000 to $965,000 less than the typical property in Santa Clara.

Nothing is mentioned in the report about residents fleeing Silicon Valley because of the liberal policies of Nancy Pelosi. Also nothing is mentioned about the effects of all of these probable ultra liberals moving to solid red states and bringing their Socialist views with them.

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