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Nancy Pelosi says President Trump’s immigration proposal is a “plan to make America white again”

Trump's immigration proposal

Nancy Pelosi says President Trump’s immigration proposal is a “plan to make America white again.” Pelosi again looks like she is off her medications or drunk in making ridiculous statement about the Presidents effort to enforce immigration laws.

Pelosi goes on to say this “is a plan takes 50% of the legal immigration back and many people will be sent back.” This is totally untrue the people who will be sent back are illegals Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are on the wrong side of the immigration issue and have no way out right now.

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President Trump has offered a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants who meet current eligibility requirements. After screening as many as 1.3 million illegals may be given a 12 year path to citizenship.

Another 500,000 could be eligible for meeting education requirements and certain age requirements.

Legal status could be revoked for criminal behavior and national security issues and work requirements would be required.

Trump’s plan would restrict new family based immigration to spouses and minor children, doing away with provisions allowing parents, adult siblings and others to enter the country. The sources said it would only end new applications for visas, allowing those already in the pipeline to be processed.

It would also end the diversity visa lottery program, which drew Trump’s attention after the New York City truck attack last year, redirecting the allotment annually to bringing down the existing backlog in visa applications.


Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) was critical of Pelosi’s statement saying “that type of rhetoric is not helpful.” Republicans should hope that Nancy Pelosi keeps on speaking out because it is obvious that her and Chuck Schumer do not want an immigration fix. And President Trump’s immigration proposal is comprehensive immigration reform that the American people voted for and the American people want.

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