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Man arrested after peeing on the seat in front of him, flying no longer has it’s privileges, weirdest reasons people have been kicked off an airplane










On a recent Frontier Airlines flight a passenger urinated on the seat in front of him. On the flight from Denver to Charleston the passenger had apparently been kicked out of his first seat for harassing the women sitting with him. A woman looked over at the man in his new seat and he was peeing on the seat in front of him. He was arrested at the Charleston gate after the plane landed. Flying no longer has it’s privileges.


I at one time was a frequent flyer filling up 5 passports over a 10 year period so I know the struggles with dealing with idiots on an airplane. I thought it would be fun to look at some of the craziest reasons people have been kicked off an airplane.

Woman ranting about being God

“I am God, I am God, I am God,” she was heard screaming in the video.

Stealing the cabin crew’s megaphone

Police were called to conduct bag searches on board a WestJet flight that had just landed in Saskatoon from Toronto – much to passengers’ confusion.

It seems that during the journey a certain key cabin item had mysteriously disappeared.

Flyers feared something had fallen off the plane, but it turned out a passenger, Jake Michael Piasentini, 29, had stolen the cabin megaphone.

The Saskatoon local admitted to pilfering the item and local police said they believed alcohol was a factor.

The young traveller was later charged and faces a potential fine of CAD$5,000 ($4,183, £2,747).

Refusing to stop playing Words with Friends


Actor Alec Baldwin was booted off an American Airlines plane in 2011 after he allegedly refused to stop playing popular Scrabble-type game Words with Friends.

The star was reported to have started screaming and shouting after being told repeatedly to put the game on hold as electrical items needed to be turned off for take-off.

He was let off the plane at Los Angeles and tweeted his frustration at being denied to continue the addictive scrabble-like game.

Baldwin wrote: ‘Flight attendant on American [Airlines] reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving.’

The actor’s spokesperson Matthew Hiltzik commented: ‘He loves WWF so much that he was willing to leave the plane for it.’


Wearing trousers too low

Finally someone put a stop to Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong wearing his trousers too low, when cabin crew at Southwest Airlines banned the star from the flight.

An employee of the airline reportedly asked the star to pull his trousers up to which the Boulevard of Broken Dreams singer reportedly asked if the staff didn’t have better things to do.

Armstrong was led off the flight with a friend as a result of the incident, which took place in 2011.

He later tweeted, ‘Just got kicked off a Southwest flight because my pants sagged too low!’

The airline later apologies and offered a new booking.  

Calling the flight attendant ‘Queen of the airline’

American traveller Nicki Gazley was on a connecting Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Memphis earlier this year when she was asked by cabin crew to remove her son from an Ergo Baby Carrier.

The mother-of-one said she explained to the flight attendant she didn’t have to do it on the previous flight, but agreed anyway and placed the youngster on her lap.

However, during the row, she told the crew member: ‘Of course I am going to comply, I’m going to do whatever you say because you are the Queen of this airplane.’

She was swiftly removed from the plane by the offended member of staff and was forced to book another flight.

Ms Gazley has since complained to the airline which is said to be investigating what happened.

Frontier Airlines insists Ergo carriers are not approved for take-off or landing by the Federal Aviation Authority.

Tweeting that the pilot is ‘drunk’

Marketing executive Lisa Carter Knight claims she was removed from a Jet Blue flight in Philadelphia when travelling to visit her sick mother in Boston.

The passenger says flight staff and the pilot prevented her from re-boarding the plane after she posted pictures to Twitter and commented that the pilot was undergoing a sobriety test following a passenger’s ill-judged joke.

The pilot passed the alcohol test, but Ms Carter Knight claims she still wasn’t allowed to board the flight.

The mother claims she was outraged that airline staff appeared to restrict her travel for posting a personal opinion on social media.

JetBlue said the passenger was not denied her seat on the plane because of her tweeting, explaining the policy extends only to disruptive passengers.

A spokesperson for the airline said: ‘The decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly.

‘If we feel a customer is not complying with safety instructions, exhibits objectionable behavior or causes conflict at the gate or on the aircraft, the customer will be asked to deplane or will be denied boarding especially if the crew feels the situation runs the risk of accelerating in the air.’

Singing Whitney Houston loudly


A passenger made her singing debut aboard a flight full of lucky flyers making the six-hour trip from Los Angeles to New York.

Clearly enjoying the moment, she was reported to have sung Whitney Houston’s I will love you at the top of her lungs.

When it all became too much, the pilot changed the flight course halfway and made an unscheduled stop at Kansas City to remove the women mid performance.

Smelling badly

A 27-year-old Frenchman was removed from his flight to Dallas from Paris, when he was allegedly told by cabin crew that his stench was too much for staff and passengers.He was reportedly instructed to take a shower and removed from the flight by staff following complaints.

The Algerian-born passenger later explained he had doused himself in Dior perfume at the duty-free airport shop.

Police were called and the man filed a complaint against American Airlines.

The carrier disputes the claims and told AFP there was an issue with the customer’s American visa.

Hating Christmas

A man taking an American Airlines flight was wished a merry Christmas by cabin crew on his arrival at the airport gate for a flight late last year.

But it seems he wasn’t in the mood for celebrating and passengers reported the cheerful greeting was met with aggression and hostility from the flyer who was travelling from Dallas to New York.

After apparently reprimanding the gate agent for using a greeting when ‘not everyone celebrates Christmas’ the situation worsened on board the flight.

A second cheery ‘Merry Christmas’ from cabin crew reportedly sent the man into a rage and passengers say they cheered when he was removed.

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