Addressing the elephant in the room

In the words of the late Rodney King “can’t we all just get along”

just get along

Yesterday the Twitter world and social media went crazy over Roseanne Barr sending an insensitive tweet. It is debatable if the tweet is racist or not. She compared Valerie Jarrett one of Barack Hussein Obama’s closest aides to Muslim Brotherhood and planet of the apes. In the words of the Late Rodney King “can’t we all just get along.”

Later in the day Samantha Bee a leftist comedian must have been jealous and had to top Barr and attacked the Presidents daughter for having the audacity to pose for a picture with her son when illegals are being separated from their families.

Just a few weeks ago a Frontier Airlines passenger was asked to move from his seat after he sexually harassed passengers in his prior seat. Not content to be embarrassed by his actions and just sit and shut his mouth and be a good citizen he whipped out the little guy and began to pee on the seat in front of him. Can’t we just get along?


just get along

Five days ago a man on an American Airlines flight was upset because he was already drunk and wanted another beer. The policy of the Airline is to stop serving intoxicated passengers. The stewardess explained the policy but it was not good enough for the belligerent passenger. Another passenger tried to settle the passenger down a fight ensued where the drunk passenger threatened to spit blood on the other man. Can’t we just get along?


It seems like weekly there is some sort of incident where Americans disrespect, embarrass, humiliate or are just plain mean to each other. Social media has made it so easy to be mean to each other. Somebody who face to face would not have the balls to say something to another person will tell them to F off on twitter. People getting into fights on an airplane, cursing the Presidents daughter for daring to take a picture with her child. When did we become so uncivil?

Much has been made of school shootings and what we can do about them. Of course the liberals answer is taking away our second amendment rights. But maybe just maybe these psycho students are learning to be psycho’s from their parents and those around them. Rodney King echoed the infamous words “Can’t we all just get along” after riots in the streets of Los Angeles after police were acquitted of beating him. The debate over whether he deserved it is for another time. But the words of King to stop the rioting were “can’t we all just get along.” So Can WE?

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