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ICE director has a message for Democrats on his last day, “I’ve been sickened the past couple of months by the media and Congress attacks on ICE officers”

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Ice director Thomas Homan is retiring today but it doesn’t sound like he is going to go out quietly. Homan was on fire on Fox News this morning he said “I’ve been sickened the past few months by the press and Congress attacks on Ice. The attacks have included new and seasoned Congressman as well as New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gilbrand.

Gillibrand on Thursday became the first U.S. senator to call for abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE, embracing a left-wing cause that has been gaining traction in the Democratic Party.

“I believe you should get rid of it, start over, re-imagine it, and build something that actually works,” she said in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

“I don’t think ICE today is working as intended,” Gillibrand said. “It has become a deportation force. And I think that you should separate the criminal justice from the immigration issues and I think you should re-imagine ICE under a new agency with a very different mission.”

This week 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a stunning upset victory over fourth-ranking House Democrat Joe Crowley in a primary contest for his Queens-area New York district. Occasio-Cortez emphasized abolishing Ice in her campaign. There was some debate this week from Nancy Pelosi about the strength of Ocasio-Cortez voice should she win in November. But the firebrand 28 year old clearly feels she is the future of the party.


Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) on Sunday called for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to be abolished, citing the controversy over the detention of immigrant children on the U.S. southern border.

“We should abolish ICE and start over, focusing on our priorities to protect our families and our borders in a humane and thoughtful fashion,” Blumenauer wrote in a Medium post.

“Now is the time for immigration reform that ensures people are treated with compassion and respect. Not only because it is the moral thing to do, but it’s better policy and will cost less,” he continued.

Ice Director Horman feels that these attacks says It’s just ridiculous what is going on.” He also called the attacks “sickening.”

“It’s insulting that a member of Congress would say ‘abolish ICE’ when we’re enforcing the laws that Congress enacted. They give us a set of laws that we’re supposed to enforce and they give me the money to do it, then say ‘abolish ICE,'” Homan said during an interview late Thursday. “We’re doing what you told us to do.”

The 34 year veteran officer and Ice Director challenged those who are condemning the agency to walk the border by themselves at 3am. I doubt any of these cowards will take the challenge.

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