Addressing the elephant in the room

Hillary Clinton speaking at Yale commencement (seriously they couldn’t get someone else) jokes about her Russian hat

Yale commencement

Hillary Clinton speaking at the Yale commencement yesterday could not just be a good sport. She couldn’t resist the opportunity to attack President Trump making a joke about her Russian hat.

Apparently Yale has a tradition of bringing an “over the top” hat to College Class day.

“I brought a hat, too,” Clinton, dressed in a ceremonial gown, quipped. “A Russian hat.”

Clinton raised from the lectern a furry black Ushanka hat and held it up with her right hand in the air as the crowd erupted in applause.

“If you can’t beat them, join them,” she said.

The joke was supposed to be a dig at President Trump for the Mueller investigation. Even though Clinton knows that herself and Barack Hussein Obama are the ones that colluded with the Russians.

Clinton went on to say that she was happy for all of the graduates — even those whose ballots weren’t tallied.

“Even the three of you who live in Michigan who didn’t request absentee ballots in time,” she said.

Crooked Hillary is apparently so comfortable that she will not be prosecuted she then made a joke about her email scandal. Why would she be concerned about prosecution. The director of the FBI James Comey told her she wouldn’t be prosecuted even before ending the investigation.

“As for my long lost Whiffenpoofs audition tape … I’ve buried it so deep Wikileaks can’t find it,” she joked. “If you thought my e-mails were scandalous, you should hear my singing voice.”

Hillary Clinton needs to get on with her pathetic life. It is a wonder she was even asked to speak at the Yale commencement. It is only a testament to what a pathetic liberal institution Yale has become.

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