Addressing the elephant in the room

Dennis Rodman very emotional being interviewed by CNN after Singapore summit, “Obama wouldn’t give me the time of day”

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman arrived in Singapore prior to the summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un to “support his friends.” The former NBA player with the Detroit Pistons is one of the few individuals who is friends with both leaders.

Rodman told a story about promising Kim Jong Un to bring a basketball team for his birthday. After making the promise he did not even know if he could do it but he had promised. He ended up being able to put it together. Kim pulled him aside and said it was the first time someone had kept a promise to him and his country.

The CNN reporter asked Dennis Rodman if either side had reached out to him prior to the summit. He said ” he spoke to Kim Jong Un 5 years ago over lunch and Kim said he wanted Rodman to tell the American President three things he wanted and we could talk. One of the things was move troops back from South Korea and other things and Kim said he would listen.

Rodman says “he tried to do that with Obama and Obama didn’t even give him the time of day.” “He just brushed me off but that didn’t deter me. I still kept going back and going back and I showed my loyalty to that country.”


Rodman went on to say “I said to everyone the door will open and when I said those things I came home and I got so many death threats.” Rodman went on to say this is a great day for America, this is a great day for Singapore and a great day for the world.”

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