Addressing the elephant in the room

California bill introduced to give free healthcare to ILLEGALS , wouldn’t that money be better spent on their homeless problem

free healthcare
  • California State Senator Ricardo Lara wants to give free healthcare to illegals. What is it with California and illegals? Their homeless problem is out of control. Los Angeles alone has 58,000 homeless and the idiot politicians want to give free healthcare to illegals in their state.

The Democratic Senator from Bell Gardens is pushing through the budget process to allow low-income undocumented adults to enroll in Medi-Cal. If successful, his effort would build on a previous bill from Lara signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2015 that allows undocumented kids and teens to enroll in Medi-Cal.

“If people have access to health care, it is a lot less money than having them go to the emergency room, which costs us triple the amount,” Lara said in an interview Monday.

Many California counties are fighting back on California sanctuary state status.

So far at least a dozen counties in California have voted against allowing unlimited illegals enter their state. The biggest counties so far are Orange county and San Diego county.

“When the attorney general of the United States decides to take a firm position against it, I think that gave a signal to a lot of us that, ‘Hey, California is on the wrong side of this thing,'” said Fred Whitaker, chairman of the Republican Party in Orange County. He also is a councilman in the city of Orange who proposed a local resolution on the issue that passed last week.

Leave it to a liberal Democrat to introduce legislation to give illegals free healthcare when the state is going bankrupt and has a massive homeless problem.


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