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Former San Francisco mayor Willy Brown says Democrats may need “12 step program” to stop bashing Trump

12 step program

Former San Francisco mayor Willy Brown is joining a growing list of Democrats that are realizing criticizing Trump is not a winning strategy. Brown says Democrats might need a “12 step program” to indeed stop the criticism.

Brown a very popular figure in California politics said his party may risk having problems in the midterms if they don’t let up on the anti-Trump rhetoric.

The op-ed appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Brown said. It’s not going to be easy, given his policies and personality. It might even mean checking into a 12-step program. But setting a winning agenda is like maneuvering an aircraft carrier. It takes time to change course. And if they want to be on target for the November midterm elections, the Democrats need to start changing course now.

“It might even mean checking into a 12-step program,” he said.

Brown, 84, noted that his party is right to take issue with Trump’s “policies and personality” but that Democrats must understand that a “significant” amount of Americans are pleased with the job the President is doing..

“They are making money. They feel safe and they agree with the president’s protectionist trade policies… even his immigration stance,” said Brown.

The former mayor said that for Democrats to win in November they must adjust their priorities when it comes to Trump, comparing the ability to set a “winning agenda” to that of “maneuvering an aircraft carrier.”

“It takes time to change course,” Brown wrote. “If [Democrats] want to be on target [in] November… the[y] need to start changing course now.”

The 12 step program may not help California Representatives Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. Waters just cannot seem to help herself with the never-ending barrage of Impeach 45. And Nancy Pelosi living the live of a multimillionaire cannot envision how $1,000 could make a difference in the average persons life continuing with her “crumbs” dialogue.

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