Addressing the elephant in the room

Rush Limbaugh speculates that Mueller investigation is closer to Watergate than anything Trump has done


Friday Rush Limbaugh speculated that the Mueller investigation that President Trump is fond of calling a “witch hunt” has an ulterior motive. Rush speculated about the press and Democrats longing for this generations Watergate. Where Democrats were able to force Richard Nixon out of office for crimes far less severe than Hillary Clinton destroying cell phones and emails.

“If you want to draw a Watergate parallel, you have to draw the parallel not to Trump. Trump hasn’t bugged anybody,” Limbaugh said. “Trump has not planted listening devices. Trump does not have informants. He did not have informants in the Hillary campaign. That was all Obama! Nixon’s Plumbers, they left a bug inside the headquarters. It didn’t work. Obama put an actual human being in Trump’s campaign! Nixon knew nothing about the ‘plumbers.’”

“But what did Obama know about the mole in the Trump campaign and when did he know it?” he continued. “So if you really want to draw the Watergate analogy, it points right to Barack Obama. Note: None of that is being investigated. Not a single shred of it. Not a morsel of that is being investigated. In fact, I believe that this entire investigation of Trump is actually a cover-up of what the Obama intelligence community — Department of Justice, FBI — did to try to nail Trump during the campaign and to corrupt his transition period after he won the election to destroy or paralyze his presidency.”

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