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Texas Tech offers transgender workshop to teach men to sound feminine can you imagine time traveling to the 30’s and telling a real man this story

Texas tech

Texas Tech University is offering a transgender workshop to teach men transitioning to sound feminine. Because apparently this is a big problem getting society to accept some dude turned chick that looks like Bruce Jenner with long hair as a woman. He has to actually sound like a woman.

Two speech therapists, Angela Van Sickle and James Dembowski, head up the program, which is offered by the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Speech Language & Hearing Clinic, according to Texas Tech’s website.

According to Van Sickle the goal of the workshop “is for individuals transitioning from male to female or female to male. We focus on voice. We work toward creating a voice that is representative of their gender/sex.”

Most group members are transitioning from male to female, Van Sickle said.

“The ultimate goal is to help those individuals transitioning from male-to-female with their voice. We work on feminine pitch and feminine qualities,” she said.

Voice transitions is becoming a popular course on college campuses the ad for 30 day course in voice feminization states.

“If you’re like most transgender women I know, you’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money perfecting your feminine image. But your appearance can only take you so far …”

“If you can’t speak like a woman, you’re not going to pass. Period. It’s your VOICE that makes or breaks you as a woman.”

Dressing like a woman and getting reconstructive surgery is not enough now to be truly convincing you must have the true woman voice.

What I was thinking when reading about this Texas Tech course is what if you had a time travel machine and could go back to the 30’s and tell one of the iron workers that built New York skyscrapers about this course. In other words real men. Not transitioning snowflakes. Would they even believe where America has fallen?

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