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Rush Limbaugh says Mueller investigation was a set up from the very beginning

Mueller investigation
  1. Rush Limbaugh says the Mueller investigation was a set up from the very beginning. He says they were Trumped up (no pun intended) charges from the very beginning.

“In every instance of this, we have setups. Practically every element of this investigation results from a setup. And I guess at the root of this… Now, you may think this is a rhetorical question or a question that answers itself, but stop and think of the effort that has gone into denying Donald Trump the presidency — and then after he wins it, doing everything…”

A caller brought up to Rush on the show Monday probably the roots of the Mueller investigation involving Andrew McCabe. “Because I remember early on in the administration when he took office, McCabe went to the White House, and he cornered Reince Priebus and said to him, “Well, you know, the FBI knows that’s all bogus, the whole thing with Russia.” And when Reince Priebus says, “Well, how do we straighten that out with the media?” McCabe says, “Well, call me later, and the minute he called him, then they leaked to the media again that the White House is calling them trying to squash the story.

Rush goes on to say the same thing happened with Comey. The Clinton campaign paid for the Russian dossier which was nothing but opposition research. Talking about foolishness like Trump getting Russian hookers to pee on a bed that Barack Hussein Obama and his cow wife once slept on. Once Comey tells Trump about the dossier there is a reason to leak it to CNN.

Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, were both low level Trump campaign officials that were set up repeating information that had been given to them by DOJ plants. When in both cases they repeated the information more pieces of the set up were in place. Hillary Clinton mentioned that if Trump won they would all hang from nooses. The love birds in the FBI Peter Strzok and Lisa Page text messages indicated that there better be a plan B if Trump were to win.

The whole Mueller investigation is indeed a set up. It is the deep state, the swamp, Washington establishment protecting itself. It really is a coup attempt and Hillary Clinton’s warning should come to play.

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