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Rude cell phone behaviors that tick other people off, Freaking live in the moment people

rude cell phone behavior

Rude cell phone behavior. We are all affected by it at one time or another. Practically everyone on earth now has a cell phone. Most people younger than 30 have no memory of land lines. People younger than 40 have never heard of a party line.

When there are so many cell phones and inconsiderate people there is bound to be rude cell phone behavior. What are the top things that people do on their cell phones that are rude and inconsiderate of others?

While most people will be forgiving of cell phone rude behavior others are not so forgiving.

What ticks us off the most? People who play games, movies, or music in public without using headphones. Instead, they blast their music at full blast like it should be everyone’s favorite. I have seen this rude behavior many times in public places even a library where people are supposed to be considerate of others.

rude cell phone behaviors

The second most annoying habit on your cell phone is volume related. I know some older people, including my beautiful wife do not understand that your cell phone is equip with a volume control. This is something that happens almost daily. And it occurred every time I traveled thru airports. Some jerk on his cell speaker phone. One time it was a guy with a plumbing business talking to one of his workers about unclogging a toilet. Really too much information. SHUT UP! Especially if you are talking about crap others do not want to hear.

The third most annoying rude cell phone behavior, people who use their cell phones to send text message-or worse, make phone calls- in movie theaters. If you really want to piss someone off do this. The time to check your text or check on your kids is before you go in the movie theater.

Fourth is someone who whips out their phone right in the middle of a conversation to check a text or Facebook. I cannot even tell you the amount of times this has happened to me personally. Having a conversation with someone who invited me to lunch. You would assume that they wanted to speak with you, that they know your time is valuable. And they whip out their freaking phone to check a text. Because it is so, so important that the see that text to get milk on the way home, right at that moment.

Fifth rude cell phone behavior does not affect me that much. The bad behavior that ticks some people off is when people take pictures and upload them without permission. I would personally be upset if someone took a picture of my children or grandchildren and posted it on their social media without my permission.

This could be an especially rude cell phone behavior if it occurs at a business meal. When discussing business no one wants you whipping out your cell phone and posting pictures of them eating without their permission.

Other rude cell phone behaviors include constantly looking at your phone for missed call or text, using your phone in restaurant or public library.

And my personal favorite. Using your cell phone in bed. Nothing says rude cell phone behavior and kills the mode quicker than that last Facebook check just to make sure you are not missing out.

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