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Reuters downplays positive polls on Trump, their OWN POLL


It really is a shock that anyone gives any credence to polls anymore after the 2016 election of Donald Trump. After all practically all polling showed the pant suit screamer winning in a landslide over then candidate Trump. With all of the negative coverage from the mainstream press it is no wonder that their polling also is all over the place. One day he is down and Mueller is going to finally produce some evidence and Trump is going to be impeached. The next day Trump tells Mueller to piss off and says everything is a witch hunt and polling is up.

Normally when a campaign or candidate disagree with the available polling they will say that it is an “outlier”. You just have to read between the numbers to hear what you really need to hear. But almost never does the actually polling organization tell their listeners or readers to not pay attention to their own poll. Reuters has this week.

What has the leftist news organization Reuters so upset is that President Trumps approval rating, in their polling is at 50%. Reuters issued the below statement on their own poll.

This week’s Reuters/Ipsos Core Political release presents something of an outlier of our trend. Every series of polls has the occasional outlier and in our opinion this is one. So, while we are reporting the findings in the interest of transparency, we will not be announcing the start of a new trend until we have more data to validate this pattern.

President Trump is driving the left insane. How can this possibly be? News coverage is almost 90% against the President. Endless coverage of the Mueller investigation. CNN is following a stripper/porn star to her appearances in hopes of finding damaging information against Trump. CNN even sent a reporter to Thailand to interview a hooker that said she had details about Russian collusion. Despite all of this the reprobate (this is what the mainstream press thinks of Trump) still has a 50% approval rating.

Perhaps the reason Trump has such a high approval rating is that Americans are tired of the endless attacks. The Mueller investigation has gone on for over a year and he still has no proof of Russian collusion, that is unless he actually looked at the Democrat collusion. Either way it’s rather odd that a polling organization that in November will want people to take them seriously would tell us not to believe their own poll.

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