Addressing the elephant in the room

Research shows Schools are Safer now than in 90’s, students much more likely to die by drowning than school shooting


The recent shootings in Parkland Florida have sparked a gun control debate. Unfortunately even President Trump has jumped in and said if Congress doesn’t do something about bump stocks he will. Some will not want to hear this as they have an agenda and are using the shooting as a tool to advance that agenda. But a recent study shows that Schools are safer than they were in the early 1990’s. School shootings are very rare. 

James Alan Fox a researcher at Northeastern University says “There is not an epidemic of school shootings” He goes on to say more children die each year from pool drownings or bicycle accidents.

What the researcher does not say is there are far more abortions every day (over 650,000) than school shootings over the past 25 years. But that is not a subject liberals on the pro gun control left want to talk about.

School shootings involving students have been declining since the 1990’s, four times as many students were killed in schools in the early 90’s as today.


The research data came from groups with differing political agendas including far left pro gun control groups like Everytown for gun safety. It shows there have been nearly 300 school shootings in America since 2013, not all of these mass shootings it includes anytime shots are fired in a school. So the number is high since it includes accidents where students may have brought a gun to school with no intent to harm others.

The danger after an emotional event such as the Parkland shooting is to overreact. Politicians feel they have to “do something.” It doesn’t help anything that the left-wing media has recruited student activist such as David Hogg and made them instant reality TV stars. Now this Hogg punk says that he is not going to go back to school until gun legislation is passed.

Fox says policy changes could result in an overall decrease in gun violence. But he doesn’t believe measures such as raising the age to get assault rifles (Parkland weapon AR15 is not an assault rifle) from 18-21 will reduce school shootings.

“The thing to remember is that these are extremely rare events, and no matter what you can come up with to prevent it, the shooter will have a workaround,” Mr. Fox said in a report on the university’s website.

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