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Press blames Israel for Hamas violence in Gaza the left takes the side of terrorist

hamas violence

The press is blaming Israel for Hamas violence in Gaza that has left 59 terrorist dead. Make no mistake Hamas is a terrorist organization and Israel is protecting their country from terrorist invaders that want to kill them. Perhaps some of those in the media that are reporting about innocent people being killed should have a neighbor that hates them and hates them bad enough to want to kill them.

Below are headlines from leftist media publications regarding the Gaza violence.

USA Today headline Palestinians bury Gaza dead as more violence feared on ‘day of catastrophe’

The BBC reports that the violence was fueled by the opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem.   Israeli troops guarding the border killed at least 58 people and injured almost 3,000.

The New York Times reports Israel kills dozens at Gaza border as US Embassy opens in Jerusalem

AP Reports Palestinians bury dead after bloodiest Gaza day since 2014.

The left and Democrats always seem to take the side of the bad buys. Hamas is a terrorist organization that has attacked Israel continuously. The Israel border is continually attacked by the Palestinians and Israel has the right to defend themselves. Have there been children killed? Perhaps. But Hamas as Al Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist organizations use children to serve their purposes.


Bernie Sanders American Socialist and old Snowflake says Hamas violence does not justify Israel firing on unarmed protesters. These are not protesters. They are terrorist. And thank God Bernie Sanders was not elected President. Bernie Sanders is opposed to the US protecting their border from illegals entering the US. And apparently he is also against Israel protecting themselves.

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