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Mike Pence says it will be a “Great Mistake’ for North Korean leader to think he can “play” Trump

great mistake

Mike Pence says it will be a great mistake for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to think he can play President Trump.

President Trump has said from the beginning that he will walk away from the talks if the North Korean midget is not serious. Kim has started throwing cold water on the upcoming meeting after the US and South Korea participated in joint military drills last week.

He told Fox News the isolationist state should not attempt to seek concessions from the US for promises it does not intend to keep.

“It would be a great mistake for Kim Jong-un to think he could play Donald Trump,” Mr Pence said, according to excerpts of an interview made available by Fox.

When he was asked if Mr Trump could still walk away from the summit, scheduled for 12 June in Singapore, he replied: “Well there’s no question.”


President Trump is meeting today with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in today to discuss the North Korean summit indicated it may not happen.

“There’s a very substantial chance that it won’t work out,” Trump said in the Oval Office, where he was sitting for critical talks with his South Korean counterpart. “That doesn’t mean that it won’t work out over a period of time, but it may not work out for June 12.”

“We’ll see what happens,” Trump said. “If it doesn’t happen, maybe it’ll happen later. Maybe it’ll happen at a different time. But we are talking.”

Kim Jong un according to Dennis Rodman has read President Trump’s book The Art of the Deal so he has to know that it would be a great mistake for him to try to play Trump. There is a lot of posturing going on right now but if he wants to survive Kim Jong un has no choice but to meet Trump and get rid of his nukes.

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