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Michelle Obama confirms she will not run for President in 2020, she has much loftier goals, updated

Michelle Obama

At a college signing day event in Philadelphia Michelle Obama refereed to herself as the “forever first lady” 

“If I can be standing here as your forever first lady,” Obama said smiling, “then you can do anything you put your mind to.” Michelle Obama and Barack Hussein Obama are two of the biggest narcissist ever to be President and first lady.

Michelle Obama the former, Thank God, first lady has announced she will not be running for President in 2020. I am sure the pitiful group that hopes to defeat President Trump including Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are greatly relieved.

Michelle Obama has much loftier goals she wants to “create thousands of mes” by working with younger leaders. So Michelle Obama has proven that Barack Hussein Obama is not the biggest narcissist in the family. What exactly does Michelle Obama feel she did that can be cloned to other females to rule the world in the future?

Is she so proud of her school lunch initiative that was so bad it made millions of kids not want to eat lunch? According to the School Nutrition Association  “Overly prescriptive regulations have resulted in unintended consequences, including reduced student lunch participation, higher costs and food waste. Federal nutrition standards should be modified to help school menu planners manage these challenges and prepare nutritious meals that appeal to diverse student tastes,” a new policy paper from the association said.

Michelle Obama

That’s not a lunch that’s starvation

Michelle Obama’s school lunch program was such a failure tens of thousands of schools have scrapped the program. The salt free meals that the wide butt Michelle apparently did not eat herself students also hated.

Does Michelle Obama want to create millions of future generation travel agents? Because the Obama’s in 8 years spent in excess of 114 million taxpayer dollars on extravagant vacations.

Michelle Obama

Michelle O’s Spanish vacation cost taxpayers almost $470,000

Michelle Obama wants to be some sort of mentor to future generations so they become more like her. The former first lady is meeting with young women in her work with the Obama Foundation ( I wonder if this foundation is taking money for US Uranium and screwing the Haitian people like the Clinton Foundation). Obama says the meetings have given her optimism about the their approach to leading the country.

“They’re tired of watching us do the same old thing and expect different results,” Obama, 54, said at Klick Health’s Muse event in New York on Tuesday. “So I’m optimistic about the future. There are some bright young people out there doing some amazing things.”

The those interactions have confirmed her future plans do not include running for President.

“This is why I’m not going to run for president,” she said. “Because I think it’s a better investment to invest in creating thousands of mes.”

Rather than having one “Michelle Obama” vying for the presidency, she hopes to help more people get into leadership positions.

“We don’t need just one — we need thousands and thousands,” Obama said.

“As an older leader, I think an important part of leadership is stepping out-of-the-way and making room,” Michelle Obama said.

We do not need thousands and thousands more narcissistic America hating women that believes white people owe reparations. The country made it through one Michelle Obama and Barack Hussein Obama. Please just disappear maybe go play basketball at your husbands goofy library.

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