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Illegal immigration up 233% in April at Southern border, Wall is needed UPDATE ON CATCH AND RELEASE

Southern border

President Trump spoke about the ongoing threat posed to the United States by illegal immigration, vowing to send illegal immigrants back to their county of origin.“We have a catch-and-release program, too,” he said. “It’s called, we catch them and we release them in the country they came back from. We’re getting them out or we’re putting them in prison.”

Illegal immigration is up 233% in April at the Southern Border compared to April of last year. In numbers released yesterday experts say they reflect major loopholes in American immigration law.

The biggest loophole is the catch and release policy that sees most illegal immigrants caught at the border quickly released, with hope that they will return to a court hearing later to be deported. This is the dumbest idea a politician has ever thought up.

According to Brandon Judd President of the National Border Patrol Council as many as 75% of illegals caught at the Southern border are given catch and release. This is a big enticement for them to take the risk to enter the US illegally.

Judd says, ” The reason is obvious: If you can cross the border illegally without any consequence, why not? As long as the catch-and-release policy-program exists, large numbers of people are going to cross the border illegally.”

April’s numbers continue a months-long trend of worsening illegal immigration.

The Border Patrol says it nabbed 38,234 illegal immigrants during the month, while Customs and Border Protection Officers encountered 12,690 more people who tried to come through the official ports of entry without permission.

President Trump was asked about the caravan and border security earlier this week.

“We need a change in the law. Catch and release is ridiculous. If they touch our property, if they touch our country, essentially, you catch them and you release them into our country. That’s not acceptable to anybody,” he said.

It is clear that Democrats do not want to fix the illegal immigration problem at the Southern border. They are losing millinneal voters in record numbers. They are losing black voters in record numbers. They need a new dependent class and it doesn’t matter to Democrats if they are Central America MS13 members.

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