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Rudi Giuliani says The basis of the Mueller case is DEAD, Sessions should step in and close it

Mueller case

Rudi Giuliani says the basis of the Mueller case is dead, Sessions should step in and end it.

“The basis of the case is dead,” Giuliani said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, claiming the push to uncover collusion with the Russians has turned up no evidence. “Sessions should step in and close it.”

Sessions stepping in and closing the investigation seems unlikely since Sessons recused himself from the investigation from the beginning. Guiliani suggested in a separate interview that Sessions and Rosenstein should end the investigation “in the interest of justice.?

Giuliani also discussed the possible parameters of a Trump Mueller interview. Limiting the time to 2-3 hours and not a full day.

“There’s been too much government misconduct,” Giuliani said on “Hannity.” “The crimes now have all been committed by the government and their agents.”

Giuliani’s comments come amid pressure from Republicans on Capitol Hill urging the Justice Department to release the full “scope memo,” which outlines the original scope of the investigation when Mueller was named.

Giuliani made the comments about the Mueller case after saying that President Trump had paid his attorney Michael Cohen for the $130,000 payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels. It is clear that President Trump and his attorney’s are ready for the investigation to be over. Without an Attorney General that will do his job the end is probably not going to come soon.

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