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Eating a bologna sandwich can now apparently trigger black people as they lay claim to Food

bologna sandwich

Cultural appropriation is the new thing that pisses people off apparently some groups do not have enough triggers in the natural course of a day. From wearing a Chinese dress to the prom or dressing like a Mexican on Cinco de Mayo apparently if you are white these are insensitive actions. Now a website has taken exception to white people eating a bologna sandwich.

Black website The Root has taken exception to the below tweet. “White People Have Gentrified Fried Bologna Sandwiches!” screams writer Monique Judge.


Cultural appropriation is the latest example of political correctness run amok. What this involves apparently is using something central to another groups culture and using it as your own. So black people, at least the people at The Root claim bologna sandwich as their own.That is absolutely ridiculous as the origin of bologna is from Bologna Italy, thus the name bologna.

Bologna sandwich or fried bologna sandwich is not just a “black thing” . It really originates from limited income or poverty. In my family we grew up with a limited income and ate fried bologna sandwiches some times. We also made creative use of hamburger helper, different varieties of tuna in toast. I took vienna sausage and crackers to school for lunch.

Racism or cultural appropriation whatever you want to call it is just another bogus way to say you are offended. White people like fried chicken and watermelon. So do black people . If you point out that they like fried chicken and watermelon you are racist. If you eat fried chicken and watermelon then you are culturally insensitive and possibly racist. The world doesn’t make any sense anymore.

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