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Liberals simply cannot have fun anymore, Gonzaga university warns students to refrain from “Cultural appropriation” on Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo

Liberals cannot have fun anymore. Today is Cinco de Mayo and Gonzaga University President is warning students against cultural appropriation.

Gonzaga University Vice President for Student Development Judi Biggs Garbuio said she doesn’t want to come across any pictures of GU students appropriating Mexican culture.

“Unfortunately, the celebrations have become less about the appreciation of Mexican heritage, and instead has become more about drinking and partying especially by non-Mexican individuals,” Biggs Garbuio said in the email. “Because of this, there are many instances when Cinco de Mayo becomes a holiday that is full of cultural appropriation.

“At some college campuses, including our own, students create ‘theme’ parties or dress in costumes that are insensitive and offensive to the Mexican-American and more broadly the Latinx culture.”

This issue came up last week with a white girl wearing a Chinese style dress to her prom. Social media exploded The girl in Utah found the dress at a vintage shop in Salt Lake City and liked it. She wore it to the prom and apparently now white people can only wear clothes appropriated for white people.

I guess what those close are will be decided by liberals such as the Gonzaga president.

The email from Gonzaga’s president included a link to the University Facebook page. Gonzaga’s Unity Multicultural Education Center, which recently posted an item dubbed “Alternative Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo.”

The page suggest students learn about the Mexican holiday , support authentic Mexican businesses, “celebrate responsibly” by not wearing serapes and fake mustaches and “donate to organizations working for immigrants rights.”

I really pity young people now days they can have no fun.


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