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Border patrol agent says the Central America migrants are an invasion not asylum seekers

asylum seekers

The VP of National Border control council Art del Cueto appeared on Fox and Friends today and said the Central American caravan looked more like an invasion than asylum seekers.

Del Cueto said the caravan does not look like asylum seekers, it looks staged, there are people on megaphones leading chants, singing songs it is a circus. He said, it is refreshing to see that it is refreshing to see that some of these people are being prosecuted but the reality is their court dates will be a while away and it will be interesting if they actually show up.

He goes on to say that it is sad to see these people mocking our system and laughing at us and it is refreshing to see President Trump and Vice President Pence actually  putting their foot down and doing something about it.

Del Cueto was then asked about Mike Pence who made his second trip to the border in less than a month. Pence and President Trump continue to stress the importance of a border wall and securing our Southern border.

The agent then said “I am just going to come out and say it. It is refreshing to have a President that actually cares. What remains to be seen is if the people in between the leaders in the agency start accepting the changes and moving on help change our country. Because it is very frustrating to see these people charge our borders, laugh at our immigration laws.”

Lastly Del Cueto was asked about Kirstjen Nielsen’s statement that border security is national security and asked him if he agreed with that statement. He said absolutely and border security should have nothing to do with what political party you are affiliated with. It has nothing to do with political party, it has everything to do with securing the future of your children. Your party should not come before securing the future of the people of America.

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