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Barack Hussein Obama the great healer hopes to use Netflix to train our next generation of leaders and heal our political devide


Barack Hussein Obama the most divisive president in the history of the country wants to use Netflix to train our next generation of leaders and heal our political divide.Both Barack and Michelle are two of the biggest narcissist on the planet. They both have expressed the desire to create millions more of themselves. Like the word needs more America hating, Socialist, narcissist.

Obama speaking at Las Vegas tech conference hosted by cybersecurity company Okta, spoke about the “stories” Americans have to tell and said he wants to use his multi-year contract with Netflix to help “train the next generation of leaders.”

We want to tell stories. This [Netflix deal] becomes a platform. We are interested in lifting people up and identifying people doing amazing work,” Obama said adding “We did this in the White House.”

Barack Hussein Obama said he relied on “stories” to fuel his political career. “Everyone has a story that is pretty sacred” about their life, Obama said. Listening to people’s stories is what helped him better serve, he explained.

The former President and great divider went on some more about his great love for stories and how they shape our lives.

“I’m putting my money on the latter way,” Obama said. “That’s what we hope to be a voice to, through Netflix and through my foundation, where we’re identifying and training the next generation of leaders here in the United States and around the world. So they can start sharing their stories and cooperating.”

I wonder if one of the stories will be about him being born in Kenya and pulling off one of the greatest heist in American History. Perhaps another story could be about how he weaponized the DOJ and FBI and implanted spies in President Trump’s campaign. Yea those probably will not come up.

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