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The View Joy Behar says that Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin are more sane than President Trump

Joy Behar

The View host Joy Behar is either the most provocative woman on earth or the dumbest, possibly a combination of both. On Thursdays show she likened President Trump to the murderous trio of Kim Jong Un, Vladmir Putin and Bashar Assad. One choice comment from Behar: “Do you think Kim Jong Un is less moral than Trump?”

The lone conservative on this show filled with Trump hating hags Megan McCain tried to let Behar backtrack on her ridiculous statement but she continued her liberal vomit. “We have gotten to the point in this world now where we have to rely on the sanity of Kim Jong-un and Putin over the President of the United States. That’s where we’re at.”

McCain shot back: “My issue is the moral relativism between someone like Kim Jong-un and Putin and President Trump. I think it’s sort of easy to sit here and do that.” This rapid fire exchange occurred with McCain educating her liberal co-host:


McCain hammered Behar: “It’s hard for me to sit here with moral relativism about many things with Trump. If you think Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin and Bashar al Assad and President Trump are the exact same thing, it’s when you lose all arguments with me in every way.

Proving she was beyond logic, Behar insisted: “What I’m saying is I see the two of them with backing off of war, and I see Trump provoking war.”

Joy Behar needs to read up on the war crimes of Kim Jong midget, Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad. I thing she is letting her liberal hatred get the best of her. Of course even if Trump were to resign tomorrow liberals like Joy Behar would still be full of hatred. She has proven she does not like Mike Pence either.

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