Addressing the elephant in the room

Comey can Leak and Lie while General Michael Flynn’s life is destroyed, why is lying only wrong with certain people in Washington?

Michael Flynn

President Trump is fed up with the Russia investigation it is clear. This morning in tweets he expressed his frustration with how James Comey is being treated as opposed to General Michael Flynn.

The President tweeted “So General Michael Flynn’s life can be totally destroyed while Shadey James Comey can Leak and Lie and make lots of money from a third-rate book (that should have never been written) . Is that really the way life in America is supposed to work? I don’t think so!

Trump has railed against Comey and charged him with leaking material because he previously provided an unclassified memo to a friend who then gave it to The New York Times. Comey says he did so in order to trigger the appointment of a special counsel in the Russia probe.

Michael Flynn a retired General served briefly as the President’s National Security adviser. The former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency was found to have misled Vice President Pence in regards to conversations he had with Russian officials during the transition period, prompting President Trump to fire him weeks after the inauguration.

Michael Flynn pleaded guilty last December to lying to the FBI about his conversations with former Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak and is cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Flynn has kept his mouth shut since his time away from the White House telling close associates he wants to be a “good soldier” and not appear to be a “whiner”. Which is exactly what James Comey is appearing to be with his book tour and many appearances this week.

It is clear in Washington there is a double standard when it comes to leaking and lying. For more than a year the Mueller investigation has been allowed to go on while the real Russia collusion with the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton is totally ignored.

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