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Nancy Pelosi invokes Martin Luther King quote to criticize Balance budget amendment

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House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi quoted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Thursday to attack the Balanced Budged amendment recently proposed by Republican members.

“I’m reminded in the course of the tax bill, the budget and now the so-called Balanced Budget amendment of Reverend King’s words,” Pelosi stated at her weekly press conference. “God never intended for any group of people to live in superfluous, inordinate wealth while others live in abject, deadening poverty.”


Nancy Pelosi surely has handlers, junior staffers that write her material. She should really stick to script. One of the richest members of Congress has no business lecturing the rest of us on wealth.

The Republicans had better forget about Paul Ryan’s retirement and get busy on keeping the house. Because the thought of Nancy Pelosi being third in line for the Presidency, again, is frightening.

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