Addressing the elephant in the room

President Trump there is no such thing as a conservative Democrat, only Pelosi Democrats

conservative democrat

President Trump speaking to the National Republican Congressional Committee on Tuesday said there is no longer such a thing as a conservative Democrat. Democrats such as Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania will run as conservative to get elected but will soon be told how they are going to vote by Nancy Pelosi and will govern like radicals.

“Democrats like to campaign as moderates, but they always govern like radicals,” Trump said. “That is why I am going to campaign all across this country to elect Republicans so that we can reduce taxes and further reduce crime, increase jobs, and make our communities safe and prosperous and secure.”

Trump said electing any democrat only serves to advance the agenda of Nancy Pelosi. There is no such thing as a conservative democrat.

“It doesn’t matter what Democrat candidates say on the campaign trail because once Democrats get to Washington, they always do the same thing: They vote for the liberal Pelosi agenda down the line, straight down the line, every single time,” he said.

The President also mocked the Blue dog coalition saying the democratic party no longer has a conservative wing.

“These days, there’s no such thing as a Blue Dog Democrat, a red-state Democrat, or a conservative Democrat because they are all Pelosi Democrats,” he said. “Weak on crime, weak on terrorism, and weak on national defense.”

“We’re going to keep criminals off our streets, and terrorists—we’re going to keep them the hell out of our country,” he added.

Democrats know that if they show their true colors of being the Socialist left-wing party they will lose elections. That only worked for Bernie Sanders because he connected with dumb ass millennial’s who thought they were going to get a college education for free. It will not work with congressional candidates. So they have to do what democrats do, lie.

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