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CNN sends reporter to Thailand to talk to Russian hooker they hope has the dirt on Trump














CNN is desperate to get the dirt on President Trump with their ratings being in the tank the future of the network may depend on it. Last month they sent a reporter to St. Petersburg who was literally dumpster diving to find dirt on Trump.

Today CNN sent a reporter to Thailand to speak with a Russian hooker who claims to have the goods on President Trump. The woman, Anastasia Vashukevich, who is also a self-described “sex coach,” is currently imprisoned, and hopes that America will offer her asylum in exchange for her story.  CNN is basically nothing but a tabloid network at this point digging in dumpsters and talking to hookers to find Russian collusion.


CNN’s Ivan Watson met with the woman and reports: “She described herself as a seductress. This woman claims to have evidence of Russian meddling in the U.S. election. The question, is this a desperate ploy to get out of jail, or as her friend claims, is this young woman truly in danger because she knows too much?”

Vashukevich is presently imprisoned in Bangkok after being accused of plying her trade without a permit.


“For days several Russian friends have been held at this jail in the capital of Thailand where visitors are not allowed to bring cameras,” Watson continued in his report. “I came out of this detention center. It was loud and hot and chaotic and talking through the bars she says she witnessed meetings between the Russian billionaire and three Americans who she refused to name. He claims they discussed plans to effect the U.S. elections but she wouldn’t give any further information because she fears she could be deported back to Russia.”


CNN hyped her possible credibility in noting that she was once photographed with a Russian billionaire, Oleg Deripaska, whom Paul Manafort was associated. Deripaska said she’s not his mistress and she’s simply trying to use him to get out of jail.

If American authorities are uninterested in her tales of Trump/Russia collusion, Vashukevich also claims to have tapes she made documenting Russian government crimes.

CNN, we can be sure, will remain on this story.

President Trump re-tweeted a post from Eric Trump congratulating Fox News for @SeanHannity and @TuckerCarlson leading ratings and also taunting CNN. CNN has become totally irrelevant, down 29% from last year with only 1 show in the top 25. If CNN continues their witch hunt for Russian collusion expect the slide to continue.

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