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Trump screams “Witch Hunt” turning attention back to Mueller partisan Russia probe

witch hunt

President Trump has resumed his assault on the Mueller investigation in a series of tweets today. Again calling the Russia Mueller investigation a witch hunt. The tweets come after Rick Gates an associate of Paul Manafort pleaded guilty last week of fraud and lying. Gates has said he intends to cooperate with the Mueller investigation.

The Mueller investigation has spent more than 6.7 million dollars. If it is lying and fraud that they are looking for why is Hillary Clinton not in jail.? Why is Barack Hussein Obama not being subpoenaed? What we have so far from the Mueller investigation is that the Clinton campaign financed the Steele dossier and that document and a Yahoo news piece on the dossier were used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

It seems fair then for President Trump to refer to the investigation as a witch hunt.

Trump went on to say  “We’ve see NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION….i have seen nothing, the firing of James Comey and all of the aftermath, that suggests that the President has obstructed justice because he’s exercising his power as the President of the U.S. I just don’t see it.” Judge Ken Starr.

It is time for the witch hunt Mueller investigation either turn their attention to the real crooks Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama or suspend the investigation. Since the Mueller team is loaded with Democrats and partisans I do not think that is going to happen anytime soon.

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