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Newt Gingrich in any reasonable system of Law Hillary Clinton would already be in JAIL

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich being interviewed on Fox News by Maria Bartiromo said in any reasonable system of law Hillary Clinton would already be in jail. Why she is not is perplexing as Attorney General Jeff Sessons a conservative seems to be AWOL on any investigation of the Clinton’s or Barack Hussein Obama.

The former House speaker told the “Sunday Morning Futures” host, “I mean, I think you probably have the president (Barack Hussein Obama) involved. You have the Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who you’ll remember met in secret with Bill Clinton the week they were interviewing Hillary.

“You now have evidence that Comey, the director of the FBI at the time, was writing the statement exonerating Hillary two months before the interview. I mean let’s go down this list and then on both the protect Hillary side and the get Trump side. It is the most extraordinary example of the deep state totally abusing the rule of law,” he continued.

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“There are a lot of different players now engaged in this and they seem to be pretty consistently lining up, except of course for Adam Schiff and the Democrats, who are in the ‘see no evil, report no evil, just hide with evil for the weekend’ kind of group,” he said.

“Let me just point out,” he added. “To show you how sick the elite media is, they report all that as though it’s something bad about Trump. In any reasonable system of law, Secretary Clinton would already be in jail. All of her senior aides would be in jail.”

The host at the end of the interview asked if Jeff Sessions was going to get involved. Newt Gingrich said “Jeff Sessions is a friend of mine but I am very disappointed  he is not recused in any way, he should be appointing a special counsel. He should be the guy in charge of the clean up and there is no reason he cannot be. This has nothing to do with the Russia investigation.”

Hillary Clinton should be in jail along with top FBI officials. If the USA had any reasonable system of law and the press did their jobs she would be. At this point I am not certain anyone in the Obama administration will pay for their crimes.

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