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MSNBC Rachel Maddow has crush on Obama AG Eric Holder

Eric Holder

Liberals often complain about Fox News being to soft on conservatives. But MSNBC and CNN are downright host Rachel Maddow had a downright crush on Obama AG Eric Holder.

After asking a few softball set-ups about how Holder and Obama are working to bend redistricting into helping Democrats, she went to the ad break: “I would be remiss if I did not ask you something about what’s going on right now between the FBI and Justice Department and the White House. I also would be fired if I didn’t ask you if you’re running for president. So, can I ask you to stay right there and I will ask you both of those things when we come back?”

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MADDOW: Would you make a better president? How is that? It’s pretty good I snuck that in there, right?
HOLDER: That`s pretty good. (LAUGHTER) I think any one of my kids would make a better president than Donald Trump….
MADDOW: Are you going to think seriously about running this year, sir?
HOLDER:…I will make a decision at the end of this year about what I want to do with regard to a higher office.
MADDOW: Eric Holder, former attorney general during the Obama administration, now the chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, thanks for being with us tonight. I know you’re super busy, sir. I really appreciate your time.

The “sirs” make you wonder if Maddow should wear a tux like a parking valet. Here is the please-attack-Trump section on the FBI, with a typical speech/question pleading for poor Andrew McCabe, without mentioning any of the sketchy specifics on McCabe slow-walking the Hillary e-mail probe and McCabe’s wife getting hundreds of thousands in donations from Gov. Terry McAuliffe. She has the audacity to discuss the “independence” of people like James Comey and McCabe:


Eric Holder should worry more about getting a good attorney than being President right now. And it is a ridiculous statement to say “I think one of my kids would be a better President than Trump.” Holder just served under the worst and most corrupt President this country has ever seen.

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