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Little Adam full of Schiff says President Trump

Little Adam Schiff











Little Adam Schiff is full of it and one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington. President Trump tweets that Schiff has aspirations for running for higher office and Schiff is right up there with Comey, Warner, Brennen and Clapper. Trump says that Schiff leaves confidential meetings and leaks information . Must be stopped.

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Little Adam Schiff, apparently feeling like he can talk for the American people responded that Trump instead of tweeting false smears could solve funding crisis and protect dreamers. The problem is Little Adam that no one in your party will vote for the dreamers fix. The President offered freaking amnesty for 1.8 million people. Much more than conservatives feel comfortable with. And your party will not budge. The Democrats have decided to become the party of obstruction.

President Trump’s Schiff comments came before a planned meeting of the House intelligence panel Monday, where the committee is expected to consider whether to release a Democratic rebuttal memo. Democrats are seeking to push back on the Republican document, which questions the FBI methods used to apply for a surveillance warrant on a onetime Trump campaign associate.

The memo is what this is all about. Adam Schiff is right in the middle of the Democrat effort to cover-up the fact that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton campaign used a tabloid type fake dossier to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Carter Page and the Trump campaign. Schiff, the FBI and Obama officials have to discredit the memo because the facts point to them being the biggest American traitors since. Benedict Arnold.

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