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Wall Funding off the table according to Chuck Schumer, he is about to be schooled by Trump again

wall funding

Chuck Schumer has taken wall funding off the table in the negotiations for a new budget. This weekend Schumer failed miserably in the #SchumerShutdown. Schumer thinks he is re-establishing his manhood after Trump took him to negotiation school. The sooner Chuck Schumer realizes he is out of his league negotiating with Trump the better it will be for him.

According to The Politico an aide called the White House today to tell the President the 1.6 million dollar funding for the wall is off the table. Schumer faced the rage of illegal immigrants yesterday after caving to Trump on the #SchumerShutdown. What he does not realize is he has put himself in a no win position. A recent poll says that 81% of Americans are against more legal immigration. If 81% are against more legal immigration that figure has to be over 90% that are against illegal immigration.

Schumer “took it off,” said Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the No. 2 Senate Democrat. “He called the White House yesterday and said it’s over.”

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Schumer is apparently still smarting from being ignored all weekend after the Friday meeting at the White House with President Trump. At that meeting Schumer apparently offered more wall funding in exchange for broader immigration reform. Now a Democratic aide says that the President has missed the opportunity for wall funding.

We will see about that. The Democrats stopped the bleeding yesterday but this was only a temporary budget resolution. The Senate voted 81-18 for a three-week funding measure to reopen the Government. All Chuck Schumer got in the negotiation is a promise to talk about broad immigration reform.

The Democrats insist they did not cave in the negotiations. But it is clear Chuck Schumer is out of his league in dealing with President Trump. The President will get the wall funding because the American people are behind the wall funding. Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have shown all of their cards, they are all in for illegals. Chuckie better get ready to be schooled again.

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