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Should schools ban children from having Best Friends because it’s not inclusive

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Should schools ban children from having best friends because it’s not inclusive. This is the question from a US News and World Report story. This proves my point that liberalism exist to suck the fun and enjoyment out of life. Since probably the beginning of time people have had a best friend. The person they connect with the most. Why do liberals have to think every aspect of society has to be inclusive.

The NFL and NBA are not inclusive. They are over 70% black so why do schools have to be inclusive?

The author says, “Certainly in life we all benefit from having close friends and confidantes – those who really get us. On the other hand, there is something dreadfully exclusionary occurring when a middle schooler tells the girl sitting next to her that she is best friends with the girl sitting in front of them. Of course, this scenario plays out in a variety of ways, but child after child comes to my therapy office distressed when their best friend has now given someone else this coveted title.”

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The author says that many reading his report will suggest that kids toughen up, (maybe so that they don’t become future snowflakes) but he is concerned about the bigger picture, which includes the pain associated with exclusion and the gentle comfort associated with inclusion.

“I am a huge fan of social inclusion. The phrase best friend is inherently exclusionary. Among children and even teens, best friends shift rapidly. These shifts lead to emotional distress and would be significantly less likely if our kids spoke of close or even good friends rather than best friends. And, if kids have best friends, does that also imply that they have “worst friends?” A focus on having best friends certainly indicates there’s an unspoken ranking system; and where there is a ranking system, there are problems. I see kids who are never labeled best friends, and sadly, they sit alone at lunch tables and often in their homes while others are with their best friends.”

What are parents to do then?Should they ban children from having best friends.  Certainly not tell your children to not have best friends. Maybe encourage them to have small groups of friends to be more inclusive. Everyone brings something different to the table. Our lives are richer if we are closer with a few others rather than putting all of our eggs in one basket, right? This is true for children and adults. Think of all the wonderful opportunities you may have missed if you socialized exclusively with only one friend.

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. To even suggest that parents ban children from having best friends is just the latest move of liberals to remove fun from life. I suppose next will be you shouldn’t have boyfriend or girlfriend. That has probably already happened with gender neutral and the new sex robots.

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