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Rush Limbaugh says Democrats must have the Government shutdown to take good news and keep Dossier off the news

Government shutdown

Rush Limbaugh says the Democrats must have the Government shutdown to take the good news of the Trump administration and the dossier memo off the news reals. Tonight at midnight the Schumer shutdown will begin. Be prepared for the Democrats to find people who are scared they ate their last meal tomorrow.

Be prepared for adds and Democrats to say that school children are starving even though none of the fat kids in America are even close to starvation.

In 2017 the Stock Market set over 70 records. The Dow Jones broke 26,000 for the first time in the new year. Two days ago Apple announced it will build a new campus in the United States 350 billion  dollar campus and add 20,000 jobs. That news was preceded by Amazon announcing new US operation adding 50,000 jobs and spending 5 billion. Wal-Mart joined over 130 companies that announced raises and bonuses as a result of President Trumps tax bill. The Democrats must have a Government shutdown to stop the momentum of good news for the Trump administration.

Government shutdown

Chrysler moving RAM production from Mexico back to Michigan spending 1 billion , 2,500 jobs.

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The Democrats need the Government shutdown not only to get the good news of the stock market and new business coming to the United States. They also have to keep the news of the Russian dossier and the Obama administration memo that members of Congress said yesterday was “bigger corruption than Watergate” and that “people would go to jail.” It is not known for sure what is in the #ReleaseTheMemo but it is speculated that the Obama administration used the fake dossier to get FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.

The Democrats need the Government shutdown to keep the good news of the Trump administration and the bad news of the Obama administration off the news. They are willing to take money from the military to change the narrative.

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