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Northern Iowa professors we need to stamp out whiteness-informed civility, At what point do parents stop paying for this BS

whiteness-informed civility

Two professors at Northern Iowa University say we need to stamp out whiteness-informed civility in debate. Civility they say is a manifestation of the white patriarchy. The two assert that “civility within higher education is a racialized, rather than the universal, norm.” What the hell does this even mean and at what point do people stop paying for or allowing their young adults to build up massive student loans for this Socialist indoctrination.

Their article according to the Wall Street Journal “describes a need to stamp out what they call “whiteness-informed civility,” or WIC. The pervasiveness of WIC , it seems, erases “racial identity” and reinforces “white racial power.”

Their thesis is two-fold : One , that civility as currently practiced in America, is a white construct. Secondly, that in a campus setting, the “woke” white students endeavor to avoid microaggressions against black peers is itself microaggression-a form of noblesse oblige whereby white students are in fact patronizing black students.

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WTF this is getting ridiculous students or their parents or the Government someone is paying for this BS to be taught to their students under the pretense of higher education. They are trying to learn to be a better teacher, or engineer or nurse and instead they are being taught about whiteness-informed civility. This has to stop it is not even debatable any longer that Socialism has taken over education.

The two go on to say that by treating black students with common courtesy and expecting the same in return , white students elide black grievances, bypassing the “race talk” that is supposed to occur in preamble to all other conversations. This is insane and it will not stop until people start pulling their students out of these Socialist indoctrination centers.

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