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Great America President Trump in Switzerland bragging on U.S., nice change from Obama trashing US

Great America

President Trump is in Davos Switzerland he says to “tell the world how great America is  and is doing. Our economy is now booming and with all I am doing, will only get better…Our country is finally WINNING again!” It is about freaking time that we have a President that is putting America first and telling the world about it instead of traveling the world telling our enemies how we suck and bowing to the world dictators and thugs.

The Switzerland trip comes as yet another new company Home Depot announced they would be giving bonuses to 400,000 employees as a result of Trump’s tax bill. Yesterday it was liberal icon Starbucks that is giving employees raises and bonuses as a result of Trump’s tax cuts. Jet Blue is one of the 164 companies that gave raises and bonuses to companies. Below is a statement from Jet Blue on the tax changes positive impact on the company.

“You’ve likely seen the news about U.S. tax reform. We believe these tax changes will be positive for our company, and provide us the opportunity to do good things for our Crewmembers, customers and shareholders,” said Jet Blue, which is offering a $1,000 bonuse to 21,000 employees.

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The stock market set 70 records in 2017 so investors and those with 401k’s and stocks like myself are being rewarded for the Great America. Unemployment is at over a 45 year low and African-American unemployment is at a 45 year low and female unemployment is at an 18 year low.

President Trump is in Switzerland to brag on the Great America. He is there to sell  America and get even more investment into America from the world’s power brokers. It is so refreshing to have a President that loves America and thinks America is great as opposed to the Socialist America hating Obama.

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