Addressing the elephant in the room

CBS coverage of MLK news conference “Trump a racist” no mention of Clinton’s robbing Haiti blind


CBS this morning went straight from the press conference where President Trump was honoring Dr. Martin Luther King to its new narrative on Trump being a racist. Immediately following the press conference they cut to interview with Liberal douchbag Dick Durbin most likely the leaker of the presidents shithole country comment.

As the President was leaving the room an unidentified report shouted “Mr. President are you a racist.” Do you think this question would have ever been asked of Hillary Clinton? Haiti has been a shithole for a long time but perhaps the country would have benefited from the millions if not billions the Clinton’s stole from the Clinton Foundation for Haiti earthquake relief. Did CBS ask if Haiti would perhaps be in better condition if the Clinton’s were not crooks and liars? The answer is No.


CBS was not concerned with the President honoring Martin Luther King. Or the fact that black unemployment is is at a 45 year low 6.8%. They didn’t even want to talk amount the huge fortune that the Clinton’s made off donations that were supposed to go to Haiti. The main stream media is burning with rage that this outsider is improving the economy and doing something about the immigration mess that their savior Barack Hussein Obama created.

The President denied making the remarks but did admit to “rough language”. More than rough language is needed on immigration. CBS , CNN and the rest of the mainstream press are a bunch of hypocrites. These are the same people who told us that Bill Clinton’s blow job in the oval office was his personal business. Trump calls a shithole a shithole and he is a vile racist.

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