Addressing the elephant in the room

Poll says 81% of Americans want fewer immigrants and end to lottery, chain migration and we want the wall








A recent Harvard Harris poll indicates that 81% of Americans want fewer legal immigrants in the United States than the 1.38 million that came in 2015. That would explain why the Schumer Shutdown ended so swiftly. Chuck Shumer and the Democrats have convinced themselves that most Americans want as many immigrants as possible for Diversity sake.

Much of Europe is losing their national identity because of refugees and accepting people from Syria and Muslim countries. The problem in Europe and the problem in the United States is the illegal and legal immigrants for the most part do not want to assimilate. Why should they when we adjust our culture for them. You want proof press 1 for English. Why do we need this option? Do you think if you went illegally to Mexico which is far more difficult than entering the US illegally they would give you the same option?

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Illegals feel they should have a voice and are outraged at the Democrats for caving on budget.

The Harvard Harris poll was even skewed heavy for Democrat voters with 38% polled Democrat, 31% Republican and 28 % independent. A full 68% of those polled said they were liberal to moderate which is essentially a liberal without the guts to say admit it. And still 81% said they wanted fewer immigrants.

If you watch CNN every day you would be convinced that the polling is the exact opposite. Donald Trump won an election last year running on building a wall, making America Great again, re-establishing national identity. He shocked the world defeating the Clinton machine in an election that was rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Americans expect him to build the wall and fix the immigration problem.

In the poll Americans prefer a system of prioritizing would-be legal immigrants based on their ability to contribute, based on their education and skills, over one based on immigrants having relatives in the United States, 79 to 21 percent. That includes a majority of white (79 percent), Hispanic (72 percent), and black (85 percent) citizens, as well as majorities of Democrats (72 percent), liberals (65 percent),  and Clinton voters (72 percent).

As well 68% support doing away with the diversity lottery and 61% support the building of the wall. Remember this is a poll heavy with Democrats and moderates.

President Trump has the backing of the American people to bring in fewer legal immigrants, end the diversity lottery, absolutely end chain migration and put in place a merit based path to citizenship. The parents and relatives of these poor little DACA children (average age 23.8) need to be sent packing. If relatives just cannot bear being without them they can go home too. If we do not do this now America will lose it’s national identity as Europe has.

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