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Top 10 Post in for 2017 for Elephant Address

Top 10 post

Top 10 Post in 2017 for the elephant address. This blog was founded in July of this year It is an attempt to turn lemons into lemonade. If you read my bio I am disabled from college football injuries and hereditary problems with my feet. I am using this time to build the blog and I have experienced growth every month reaching 10,000 views in December. Please help me pass the word to make 2018 even more successful.

Liberals have no sense of humor, Warren says Trump used “racial slur” when calling her Pocahontas

Liberals have absolutely no sense of humor. Senator Elizabeth Warren is considered by many liberals as a possible presidential candidate in 2020. Her along with Michelle Obama and Al Franken are the stars of the Democratic party. All three should get shellacked by Trump. Warren is showing false protest to the word Trump refers to her “Pocahontas”. It is better than Pinocchio which he could have used for her false Cherokee claims of the past.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi on Monday that President Donald Trump will not silence her by using a “racial slur” like “Pocahontas.”

Matt Lauer fired for inappropriate sexual behavior, what the press are perverts too?

Savannah Guthrie made the announcement at the top of the “Today” show. “We are devastated,” she said.

32 dumbest political quotes in all 57 states

The 32 dumbest political quotes of all time. Politicians though largely Ivy League educated have to speak a lot. And when you speak a lot you are bound to say some pretty dumb things. One of my favorite political quotes is from Abraham Lincoln “Better to be silent and though a fool than speak and remove all doubt.” Some of these men and women should have been silent.

Comprehensive list of Clinton scandals and Slick Willy indiscretions

The list is long from whitewater to travelgate, the stained blue dress and perhaps the most egregious Hillary Clinton’s involvement in Uranium One.

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“I’m so sick of white guys” adult coloring books to ease the stress of Trump authored by……white guys

USA Today reports Jim Corbett wants to help political democrats and progressives (liberals really Socialist if you are honest) cope with the current times (Trump ha ha) by coloring.

Corbett (a white guy) has authored a 61 page adult coloring book titled “I am so sick of White Guys, which offers a message about white privilege and unchecked power. It contains political humor (no doubt aimed at conservative values) and takes aim at controversial policies and politicians.

Instead of unicorns and snowmen, readers can color images of Donald Trump and illustrations that represent freedom of speech, Russian collusion theories, the Ku Klux Klan and football civil rights action.

“It came completely out of me screaming at my TV, and the way the GOP is taking the country off in a totally different direction,” says Corbett.

He is, by the way, a white guy.

Term limits for President enacted to prevent tyrannical rule, why not for Congress

Term limits for the Presidency is a concept that has been controversial since the framing of the Constitution. The position of President had not existed under the Articles of Confederation, with Congress instead wielding both legislative and executive powers. The British Monarchy was not an example the framers wanted to follow since our country was founded as a result of revolution from Great Britain.

University teaches white employees how to overcome guilt of…being white

The goal was to help participants in “unpacking Whiteness” to support students and staff with issues and efforts “related to identity and social justice,” the website added.

The “Conversations on Whiteness” session was one of more than a dozen workshops offered at the conference, held Dec. 4 and 5. The whiteness session utilized the “Privileged Identity Exploration Model” to help white participants explore the “discomfort” of their “white identity,” according to organizers.

Tax cut, Obamacare mandate dead, ANWR drilling, and Chuck and Nancy are pissed

They can scream tax cuts for the rich all they want but the proof will be in the economy. It was king Democrat Bill Clinton that said “it’s the economy stupid.

8 Reasons Democrat’s hate tax cuts

The second reason they hate this tax bill is by electing not to participate the Democrats did not have the opportunity to add their pork and pet projects. Make no mistake there are things in the bill like bridges to nowhere that the the Republicans added.

Black lives matter succeeding in destroying NFL

Because of weak leadership from Roger Goodell and NFL team owners Black Lives matter, Colin Kaepernick and now the entire Pittsburgh Steelers team, less one patriot Alejandro Villanueva who served his country for three tours, may bring down the NFL.





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