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Three NFL Network stars suspended for sexual harassment, behavior not beneficial

NFL Network

The NFL Network has suspended three analysts after they were accused of sexual harassment and assault by a former wardrobe stylist. The behavior that Jami Cantor details sounds as if the NFL Network stars took their cues from Matt Lauer. I mean who gives a woman sex toys for Christmas and doesn’t think about the repercussions.

Jami Cantor filed a complaint in Superior Court for the State of California, County of Los Angeles on Monday claiming that she was subjected to constant sexual misconduct by the former football greats employed by the network.

Among those named in the filing are Marshall Faulk, with the court papers stating: ‘Mr. Faulk greeted Plaintiff by fondling her breasts and groping her behind. As time went on, Mr. Faulk became more aggressive, such as inviting Plaintiff to his hotel room, stroking and pulling out his genitals in front of her, pointing to his crotch and asking Plaintiff, “when are you gonna get on this already?”

‘He also pinned Plaintiff against a wall, demanding oral sex while he pulled his pants down.’

Cantor also names Donovan McNabb, Warren Sapp and Heath Evans in her complaint, among others.

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The complaint, filed by Cantor’s attorney Laura Horton, also accuses former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor of sending ‘sexually inappropriate pictures of himself, and a nude video while masturbating in the shower.’

Eric Davis, who won a Super Bowl while playing for the San Francisco 49ers, allegedly ‘grabbed Plaintiff’s behind, slid his hand between Plaintiff’s legs, and touched Plaintiff’s privates, while saying, “I can’t handle your a** it is so luscious.”‘

Rush Limbaugh in 2003 was fired from ESPN over the below comments (which were true) on Donovan McNabb



Cantor also claims that when she slapped Davis’ hand away during that alleged groping he ‘aggressively told Plaintiff to never push his hand away again.’

NFL Network

He also allegedly made a large number of lewd comments to Cantor on set states the filing, including: ‘when are we going to spend time together?,’ ‘I want you so bad,’ ‘my c**k is so hard because of you right now,’ ‘you look like a woman who knows what to do in bed,’ ‘you look like you would be an animal in the sheets,’ ‘[Mr. Davis] loved really rough sex and would love to be able to spank [Plaintiff] so hard it would leave marks,’ and ‘can tell you like it rough and would love it.’

Sapp, considered by many to be one of the all-time great defenders in the league, ‘gave Plaintiff sex toys as a Christmas gifts three years in a row, showed Plaintiff nude pictures of numerous women he claimed to have slept with, and openly talked about his sex life in front of Plaintiff.’

He also allegedly urinated in front of Cantor when she was forced to use the same facilities as him while completing some styling work.

‘Sorry mama, but your office shouldn’t be our shi**er,’ Sapp allegedly told Cantor.

Sapp was fired by the network back in 2015 after he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute and assault.

McNabb, who shot to fame with the Philadelphia Eagles, told Cantor she looked like a ‘s*uirter’ claims the court filing, and said she ‘looked like the kind of girl that s*uirted when getting f***ed.’

He had left NFL network in 2013, and later lost his subsequent job with Fox Sports after a drunk driving arrest two years later.

If the allegations against three NFL Network stars are true they are very disturbing. The behaviors listed go far beyond asking for a girls phone number or any type of normal behavior between male and female co-workers. The NFL is no different from Hollywood or Washington DC. These players are stars since High School some earlier than that. They get an entitlement attitude that everything is permissible Everything may be permissible but as the Bible says it may not be beneficial. 

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