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Merry Christmas early, EPA officials are leaving the agency in droves


According to the New York Times nearly 700 EPA officials have left the agency this year. Nearly one-quarter of the total reduction the Trump administration had hoped for. Trump’s plan is to get the agency at levels not seen since Ronald Reagan. President Trump is keeping his campaign promise to cut Government waste.

Nearly 200 scientist have left the agency this year and 96 environmental protection specialist a crossbreed between scientist and investigators. Nine department directors as well as dozens of attorneys and program managers. They are not expected to be replaced.

The departures are due to low morale reflected in the new sheriff in town. President Trump and many in Congress think the agency is bloated and guilty of overreach. That unease is likely to deepen following revelations that Republican campaign operatives were using the Freedom of Information Act to request copies of emails from E.P.A. officials suspected of opposing Mr. Trump and his agenda.

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The cuts began with the Obama administration. Budget constraints led by Republicans shank the agency to 15,000. Think about that for a minute 15,000 people in the Environmental Protection Agency. This is only one of the bloated bureaucracies in Washington DC. Wait until Trump starts slicing on the Department of Education. Trump plans to leave only “little tidbits” of the EPA in place.

“The reason E.P.A. went down to 15,000 employees under Obama is because of pressure from Republicans. This is the effort of the Republicans under the Obama administration on steroids,” said John J. O’Grady, president of American Federation of Government Employees Council 238, a union representing E.P.A. employees.

As of Dec. 6, there were 14,188 full-time employees at the E.P.A. By comparison, there were 17,558 workers at the end of the first year of the George W. Bush administration and 17,049 by the end of the first year of President Obama’s term. Under George W. Bush there were almost 18,000 employees at the EPA. This is more proof that Bush was an establishment RINO.

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