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Bipartisan support for infrastructure, YES the US infrastructure on Trump agenda for 2018


President Trump hopes to build bipartisan support to repair the country’s infrastructure in 2018. President Donald J. Trump’s agenda to promote job creation and grow the U.S. economy. America’s infrastructure has fallen to 12th in the world and that is unacceptable.

Every American depends on the countries roads, bridges and railroads and they are in extreme disrepair. The President wants to use the infrastructure program for  job creation. Along with the program to repair the country’s infrastructure will come regulatory reform to reduce the time needed to complete the programs.

In 2015 the Obama administration passed a 305 billion dollar bill to repair the country’s infrastructure. Unfortunately most of that did not go to infrastructure instead going to projects such as middle east mosque. Obama also pledged billions to repair power in Africa.

Despite promising a $1 trillion infrastructure bill during the campaign, Trump’s plan is shaping up differently. A White House official said on Tuesday the current proposal — set to be unveiled in the middle of January — would propose spending at least $200 billion on infrastructure projects over the next decade, with the hopes of spurring an additional $800 billion in state and local funding.

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Trump is hoping to gain bipartisan support for this bill. Thus far in the Trump presidency the Democrats have shown no support to any of the Presidents major proposals. Tax reform was passed without a single Democrat in the House or Senate voting for it. Sceptical Democrats think the 200 million dollar price tag is not enough to repair the country’s infrastructure.

The White House official characterized the figure as a floor, not a ceiling, and said Trump is willing to spend more federal dollars if it means getting a package through Congress.

Trump floated the idea of an infrastructure bill before leaving for a Christmas vacation in  Mar-a-Lago, his South Florida private club.

“I really believe infrastructure can be bipartisan,” Trump said from the Oval Office earlier this month. “People want it, Republicans and Democrats.”

If this money actually goes to repair this country’s infrastructure and not to repair Middle East mosque, Africa power supply and build up the Iranian nuclear program it will be a major win for Trump. I wouldn’t hold my breath for bipartisan support.

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