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Sick and tired of white guilt, racism is not just a white thing

white guilt

I am sick and tired of white guilt. It is said that black people cannot be racist. But what is racism. Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. It is a long-held belief that black people cannot be racist.

The explanation among many for black people not having the capacity to be racist are many. The most popular. Black people can never be racist – we never had the tools or power to institutionalize racial oppression.

If black people cannot be racist how do you explain the MSNBC panelist recently saying “white men pose the biggest threat to America every day”.  How do you explain the ungrateful UCLA basketball players father Lavar Ball saying “UCLA didn’t win the basketball title because white players are too slow”?


White people memes or other ridicule are popular and can be shared and laughed at with impunity but let one slur come out of your mouth as a white person and you are expected to apologize to the world.


I worked with a black woman one time who was ridiculed for hanging out with white people too much at a Christmas Party. I told her see your people are racist too. She said they were incapable for the oppression reason. Yet what is it called when you cannot accept that someone from your race is associating with another race?


The myth that black people cannot be racist also comes from the belief “because they’re never been oppressed before by non Whites” but that’s simply not true, as Whites were the original slave race and were sold as slaves in Africa.


And if slave ownership is the motive behind white guilt then blacks should be just as guilty concerning slavery. Their ancestors owned slaves also. Free black slave holders could be found at one time or another “in each of the thirteen original states and later in every state that countenanced slavery,”

Is the N word really that offensive? Then why do black people use it so frequently?



The term or word that gets white people in the most trouble concerning blacks is the N word. Yet in the world of sports or when other blacks are together it is very common for them to use this word against each other. So either the word is offensive or it is not. It is racist in all circumstances or it is not.


I am sick and tired of white guilt. White people have done much to improve America. Black people have done much to improve America. Asian people have done much to improve America. Italian people have done much to improve America. I am sick of the slashes African-Americans, Italian American, Jewish American. If you are here legally can’t we all just be Americans.

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