Addressing the elephant in the room

Sex abuse in Crooked Hillary and Crazy Bernie campaign

sex abuse

Two teenagers have come forward with sex abuse allegations from the Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns. Lilian Adams and Zoey Jordan Salsbury were 19 while working for the campaigns. They had lofty goals of making the world a better place.

But each woman claims their innocence was abused by campaign workers on the trail. Both have declined to name their abusers.

Adams signed on to the Clinton campaign as an intern at its Brooklyn, New York, headquarters in October 2015. She wore many hats: “I was on the digital organizer team and an assistant to the digital director, the deputy digital director, the chief digital officer and the [chief technical officer],” she said.

Several months later she was re-located to the Colorado office where her job was promoting Crooked Hillary and other candidates on the state ballot. It was in Colorado that the abuse occurred.

Adams said she dealt with this harassment for months and mentioned it to a superior as early as June. The abuse began as homophobic remarks — Adams felt targeted, she said, because the man knew she was bisexual — and escalated from there. “He made multiple comments about my body, told people we were dating, would constantly try to get me to drink (I was 19), try to force me into situations where we were alone, encouraged me not to wear bras, etc.,” Adams said.

Salsbury was president of America University Students for Bernie in 2015, a volunteer position. Another intern a college student from Washington DC made unwanted advances towards her.

The person Salsbury identified as her harasser did not respond to a request for comment. But her account was confirmed by her friend Colin Moir, a fellow member of the American University group. “He had been harassing her sexually,” said Moir, adding that Salsbury “was not able to speak to somebody higher up and report it.”

Both women were made to believe that they were to blame for the sex abuse. There was nowhere to turn because the leaders of the campaigns did not want the candidates blamed for the abuse. Democrats were the first to throw stones at Roy Moore and this week the chickens have come home to roost.

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