Addressing the elephant in the room

Prisoner John McCain calls for bipartisan support of tax cuts


Donald Trump said of John McCain on the campaign trail  He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” The comment caused a firestorm of criticism as do many of Trump’s truisms. But in many ways McCain remains captured or a prisoner.  John McCain is a prisoner of  his own lust for significance. He is a prisoner of  his own jealousy and it is it time for this RINO swamp creature to fade into the horizon.

McCain who blocked the Republican attempt to repeal and replace the Unconstitutional Obamacare bill is now flexing his prisoner muscles and indicating he will be a snag in the tax cut bill. Prisoner McCain is calling for bipartisanship.  That is code word in swamp land for let’s play nice with the Democrats.

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“We need to do it in a bipartisan fashion,” McCain said, according to Bloomberg. “I am committed, as I’ve said before, to a bipartisan approach, such as we’ve been doing in the Armed Services Committee for the last 53 years.”

McCain made similar remarks during the Republican push to repeal ObamaCare.

Democrats are not going to join forces with prisoner McCain and cut taxes. They have already started to sing the same old song it is tax cuts for the rich. Cutting taxes is counterintuitive for the Democrats because it means cutting programs that they use to buy votes.

President Trump remains optimistic in regards to bipartisan support saying before leaving on his 10 day Asia trip.

“Tax reform has not historically been a partisan issue — and it does not have to be a partisan issue today,” Trump said. “There is no reason that Democrats and Republicans in Congress should not come together to deliver this giant win for the American people and begin the ‘middle-class miracle’ once again.”

Indiana Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly traveled to the Hoosier State aboard Air Force One with Trump and was in the audience. Trump called him out by name.

“If Sen. Donnelly doesn’t approve it … we will come here, we will campaign against him like you wouldn’t believe,” Trump said with wide grin before a crowd of the senator’s constituents. “I think we’ll have numerous Democrats come across because it’s the right thing to do.”

If prisoner McCain does indeed block tax reform it will be purely out of spite and jealousy. And this is what makes him the lead swamp creature. It is time for John McCain to go away.

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