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“Dead on arrival” in House bipartisan Senate deal to save Obamacare

Senate bipartisan bill

Dead on arrival in the House is Senate bipartisan bill to save Obamacare. Not even a full day after Senators reached a “bipartisan deal” to keep subsidies to health insurers for the years, this latest attempt to keep Obamacare alive appears to be dying, because moments after Fox News reported that the Alexander-Murray Bill “will be dead in the House” as many in the GOP “want full repeal and replace”, Bloomberg reported that the bipartisan deal has “stalled out” according to Senator Thune, while Senator Hatch said that he opposes the Alexander-Murray fix altogether.

This Senate bipartisan bill should be “dead on arrival”. This is what is wrong with Congress aka  “the swamp”. The Republicans ran for 8 years during the Obama administration on “repeal and replace” Obamacare. Now that they have power they have failed miserably mostly due to Viet Nam prisoner John McCain blocking the bills for personal attention.

For his part Trump has flip-flopped on his support for the Senate bipartisan  bill . On Tuesday initially supporting the bill then a day later backing away. Trump said on Tuesday it was a “short-term solution” that would “get us over this intermediate hump”. That is the problem and Trump being a Washington outsider may not realize this, nothing is short-term solution in Washington. Just look at the difficulty in getting rid of Obamacare.

According to Reuters, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, who reached the agreement with Democratic Senator Patty Murray, said Trump had “completely engineered” the proposal.

In another setback, Republican House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan indicated no interest in the Alexander-Murray Senate bipartisan bill. “The speaker does not see anything that changes his view that the Senate should keep its focus on repeal and replace of Obamacare,” Ryan spokesman Doug Andres said.

While the proposal drew broad Democratic support, it remained unclear whether the agreement will even come to a vote in the Senate and House, both controlled by Trump’s fellow Republicans. Republicans have a 52-48 Senate majority but other than Alexander, and the never Trumpers, Susan Collins and John McCain, no other Republican senators have publicly embraced the plan.

Meanwhile, as always happens, after healthcare stocks surged yesterday on the news of the “deal”, they are blissfully ignoring today’s inevitable unwind of this arrangement, happy to keep all the gains, for now.

The Alexander-Murray Senate bipartisan  bill needed to be “dead on arrival”. Obamacare does not need a band aid it needs to be destroyed, burned, the ashes buried and sent to the Socialist History books.

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